File Icons

New Scene starts a new, blank scene. 

 Save Scene saves the current scene into a NUBIGON scene file (Shortcut: Ctrl+S).

 Load Scene opens a NUBIGON scene file (Shortcut: Ctrl+L).

Upload to Sketchfab launches the Sketchfab Exporter window.

Edit Icons

 Delete Selected deletes objects selected in the Object List (Shortcut: Delete).

  Undo reverts the last action done (Shortcut: Ctrl+Z).

  Redo reverts the last undo action (Shortcut: Ctrl+Y).

TIP: To increase or decrease the number of actions you can undo, change Edit > Preferences > Settings > Undo list size.

Controller Icons 

Orbit Mode activates orbit navigation mode.

Fly Mode activates fly navigation mode. The slider controls keyboard movement speed in this mode.

Walk Mode activates walk navigation mode.

  Gamepad toggles the use of a gamepad controller plugged into your computer.

Modify Icons 

 Freeze Transform resets any transformation done to an object without moving the object’s geometry in global space.

  Center Pivot moves the pivot point of an object to its center.

Snap Icons  

When using manipulators, and various drawing and editing actions, you can snap to objects in the scene.

  Snap to Grid enables snapping to grid intersections.

  Snap to CAD enables snapping to curves and points.

 Snap to Mesh Vertex enables snapping to mesh vertices.

Snap to Section enables snapping to sections.

 Snap to Main Plane limits all drawing and editing actions to a user-defined plane (Main Plane of the Cross Section window).

Render Icons 

 Screenshot takes a screenshot of the current viewport (Shortcut: F10).  

 Camera Animation launches the Camera Animation window.

Orthophoto activates the Orthophoto window. 

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