Draw Arc

  • Press & hold V or click on the Toolbar.
  • Left-click to specify the start point.
  • Left-click to specify the endpoint.
  • Left-click to specify a point on the arc.
  • Release V, or press Esc or click to deactivate arc drawing.

Modify Arc


  • Hover over the first point, middle point or endpoint.
  • Left-click and drag.

Change Radius

  • Hover over the arc edge.
  • Left-click and drag.


  • Hover over the arc center.
  • Left-click and drag to move the arc on its plane.


  • Select the arc.
  • Click on the Toolbar to reverse the arc direction.
TIP: Visualization of curve directions can be toggled through Edit > Preferences > Settings > Curve direction.

Change Attributes

  • Select the arc to view its attributes in the Object Inspector.
  • Modify center coordinates, sweep angle, and radius as needed.

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