There are two types of cameras in NUBIGON:

Perspective Camera

View > Perspective Camera

Changes the view to a perspective view.

Orthographic Camera

View > Orthographic Camera

Changes the view to an orthographic view. In Orthographic Camera mode, zooming in and out does not change the camera position.

TIP: Keyboard keys of the fly navigation mode do not work with the orthographic camera.

Near and far plane of the current camera can be changed under Edit > Preferences > Settings.

Predefined Camera Views

Select one or more objects of interest and choose a view under View > Predefined Camera Views. This orients the current camera along the chosen predefined direction and adjusts the camera position to focus on selected objects. In the orbit navigation mode, this will also set the orbit center to the center of the selected objects.

Camera Tools


View > Camera Tools > Set Bookmark
Setting a bookmark saves the camera settings for the current session.

View > Camera Tools > Show Bookmark
Showing bookmark restores previously saved camera settings.


View > Camera Tools > Focus

This is another button for the top view (Shortcut: F).


View > Camera Tools > Align

This tool is useful for focusing on specific regions in the viewport. Activating this tool will change the mouse cursor to a crosshair for picking three points on the viewport. The triangle defined by the chosen points will define the orientation and position of the current camera. In the orbit navigation mode, the triangle center will become the orbit center.


View > Camera Tools > Reset  

Resets current camera settings to default values, and sets the orbit center to the origin.


View > Camera Tools > Jump  

You can use this tool to (1) cover large distances in the scene by moving the camera position to a user-defined location, and (2) set the orbit center in the orbit navigation mode.

TIP: Use Align and Jump tools together with the snapping tools to chose exact locations on the viewport.

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