Cross Section

Select Tools > Cross Section or click to activate the Cross Section window:

Enable Activate button to define a cross-section plane.

Plane Definition

We offer two ways to define a cross-section plane:

  • First, adjust the orientation of the plane by two angles.  is the angle between the plane and the ground plane.  is the rotation angle of the plane around the z-axis. Then select a point through which the plane passes. You can give the coordinates of this point directly in the GUI, or you can click Set origin button and then select a point on the viewport.
  • You can define the plane by three points lying on it. Click Set from 3 points button and then select three points on the viewport.  
Prematurely exit the selection mode with the Esc key.

Draw mode

Change the appearance of the plane from the dropdown menu to the right of Draw mode:

  • Choose None to hide the plane. 
  • Choose Transparent to show the plane as a big blue transparent rectangle.

Additional Options

  • Enable Clip geometry to clip the scene against the cross-section plane. 
  • Toggle Invert cut to invert the direction of the cross-section plane so that the opposite side of the scene is visible. 
  • We show a preview of points (of point clouds and octrees) in a distance of Proximity Threshold to the plane. Click Create Section button to project these points onto the plane and generate a 2D point cloud from them. 

You can take up to three cross sections at the same time. Use Auxiliary section tabs for this. 

The video tutorial on using cross sections can be found here.

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