Curve Fitting

We support automatic fitting of curves to sections (2D point clouds created in the Cross Section window), which is very useful for creating floor plans quickly and precisely.

Simply select a curve and a section in the Object List, and click the Fitting icon or select Tools > CAD > Curve to Section. This will automatically launch the Tool window to let the user set the Fitting distance parameter:

Adjust this parameter according to the distance of the curve to the section. While small values may leave the curve unchanged, large values could lead fitting of the curve to unrelated regions.

For using this functionality, the curve and section must have the default transformation. For this, you can use the Freeze Transform command.
For a video tutorial on how to fit curves to point clouds, see here.


In some situations, it might be useful to fix the position of curve components. The user may want to manually define the position of a vertex or prevent fitting of curve components to unrelated regions. For this, we offer locking of curve components.

You can lock polyline vertices and edges, as well as arc mid- and endpoints by clicking the middle mouse button on them. Locked curve elements are highlighted in orange. You can manually edit locked curve elements as described in the Curve Editing section. However, during the fitting, positions of locked polyline vertices and arc points, and directions of locked polyline edges are fixed.

The length of a locked polyline edge may change during the fitting.

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