Display Models of Different Units

Georeferenced point clouds, meshes, and CAD models can be in different units. To display them in the same environment, they need to be transformed into the same unit.

Example: a point cloud in meters and a georeferenced drawing in millimeters.

  1. Open Point Cloud with None as the Offset parameter value.
This workflow will not work if your data has large world coordinates.
  1. Import CAD drawing. Since the point cloud has zero offset, the Offset dropdown menu can be left untouched.
TIP: Import the drawing as a reference if the drawing file contains a large number of entities. Otherwise rendering will be slow.

Now it’s time to transform the drawing from millimeters to meters. Changing units means scaling the drawing around the origin (grid center) by 0.001. Instead of individually scaling each imported CAD layer, we’re going to drag and drop them into a new group, and scale the new group.

  1. Right-click in the Object List and select Group from the context menu to create a new group.
  1. Drag & drop CAD layers under the new group.
  1. Select the newly created group in the Object List, go to the Object Inspector, and change the Scale values in the Transform Attributes to 0.001. A newly created group has its pivot center (scaling center) at the origin by default. So, there is no need to change its pivot center before.
Top view of the end result in orthographic view.

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