Error Messages

Octree generation failed. Error code: 38
(No RGB data found)
Your dataset does not contain color information and you have activated Skip colorless scan positions in the Octree Options dialogue. To fix this issue, simply leave Skip colorless scan positions unchecked.
Warning: Node filename exceeded maximum allowed length.It typically indicates that the dataset has (1) outliers far away from the rest of the dataset or (2) a lot of duplicate points.

To fix the first issue, please apply a bounding box cleaning in your registration software before opening the point cloud in NUBIGON. To resolve the second issue, simply leave Remove duplicates in the Octree Options dialogue checked.
It appears that you haven’t been granted permission to create default project C:/(…) Your administrator will need to grant you access.You may receive this message when some antivirus software packages like Bitdefender blocks the operations of NUBIGON when trying to create a default project folder. We recommend whitelisting our software to resolve the issue. 
Error in GLShader::compileSourceCodePlease verify that your system meets the minimum system requirements, and that your graphic driver is up-to-date.

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