First Steps

We are delighted to facilitate your first steps in NUBIGON! 

1) To open your first point cloud, click Open Point Cloud from the Home Tab or navigate to File > Open Point Cloud(s). After selecting your point cloud file, you will be prompted with the Octree Generation Settings dialogue. For a first glance, simply stick with the default settings and click OK. 

TIP: When opening point clouds for the first time, NUBIGON generates a highly efficient data structure (octree) and completes a series of processing tasks for better real-time rendering quality and performance. Keep in mind that this only needs to be done once. Later, you will be able to launch the octree file with one click.  

2) Once the process is complete, your point cloud will be displayed in the viewport. You’ll also find it listed in the Object List. 

3) On the bottom right of the user interface, you’ll find the Object Inspector, where you can inspect and customize the attributes of your point cloud. Under the Material Attributes, adjust the Size parameter for a watertight appearance. 

The default display mode is Point color. You can also view your point cloud shaded by switching to Object color and checking the Shaded box. Displaying intensity or elevation is available as well. X-ray view is supported in combination with all of these modes. 

For tutorials on camera animations and other use-cases, visit our YouTube channel.

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