Fly Mode

Select on the Actionbar to activate it.

Mouse Navigation

Rotate: Left-click and drag to rotate your view.

Zoom: Scroll the mouse wheel to zoom in and out of the scene.

Pan: Right-click and drag to move the camera parallel to the view plane.

Keyboard Navigation

Use the keys on your keyboard to move freely around the scene.

  • W to move forward
  • S to move backward
  • A to strafe left
  • D to strafe right
  • Q to descend
  • E to ascend

Combine mouse and keyboard for smooth navigation.

Gamepad Controller

You can use gamepad controllers (e.g., Xbox One controller) to rotate and move around in your scene. Simply plug a controller and click the gamepad icon on the Actionbar.

  • Left stick to move around
  • Right stick to rotate the camera
  • Left Trigger (LT) to descend
  • Right Trigger (RT) to ascend
TIP: Use the slider next to the Walk mode icon to change movement speed.

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