General Tips

  • If you use a laptop with an integrated graphics card, make sure that NUBIGON uses your dedicated NVIDIA graphics card. The Console window of NUBIGON shows which card is currently in use. We try to force NUBIGON to run on NVIDIA cards. If NUBIGON is not using the dedicated graphics card, then please manually adjust your GPU settings to force the use of the dedicated GPU. See here for tips on how to do that.
  • For the best user experience, use File > Open Point Cloud(s) to open your point clouds.
  • We recommend keeping your project folder on an SSD drive. Otherwise, opening large point clouds for the first time (conversion to octree) will be slow.
  • Under Edit > Preferences, you can adjust GPU cache. It controls the number of points to be rendered. Increasing GPU cache will improve visual quality, but beyond a certain threshold, it may decrease viewport render performance. So increase GPU cache cautiously.

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