General Tips

  • For the best user experience, use File > Open Point Cloud(s) to open your point clouds.
  • Under Edit > Preferences, you can adjust the Memory and GPU cache sizes. They control the number of points to be rendered. By default, they are set to two and one. Feel free to increase them to obtain a better visualization quality.
  • Most operations work on selected objects. To select an object, click the corresponding item in the Object List or select the object directly on the viewport with the left-click while the ALT key is pressed. Press and hold additionally the CTRL key for an extended selection.
  • Object properties can be viewed and edited in the Object Inspector. To use Object Inspector, select a single object.
  • For a better visual quality, before rendering videos or orthophotos temporarily increase cache sizes and decrease Minimum coverage under Edit > Preferences. Don’t forget to restore the previous settings afterward.
  • The Console window is the place where messages or errors (in red text color) are shown to the user.
  • Make sure that NUBIGON uses your dedicated NVIDIA graphics card. The Console window of NUBIGON shows which card is currently in use.

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