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There are four ways to create a Group object:

  • Use the command in the Create Menu.
  • Click the Group icon in the Toolbar.
  • Right-click on an empty space in the Object List and select Group from the pop-up menu.
  • Use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+G.

The Object List icon for a Group object is .

You can drag and drop other objects under a Group object in the Object List. This way, you can transform objects together by transforming their parent Group object.


To turn off the visibility of a Group, click the Open Eye icon. To turn the visibility back on, click the Closed Eye icon .


Group also acts as a layer for CAD objects.

There are two ways to change the color of groups:

  • Change the color of all groups through the Layer color property under Edit > Preferences > Settings.
  • Change the color of a selected group by using the color box next to it. Once the color of a group has been changed this way, editing Layer color property will not affect this group.
TIP: You can select multiple Group objects in the Object List and change their colors together by using the color box of one of them.

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