The following pages demonstrate how to use NUBIGON effectively. Before launching NUBIGON, continue reading Getting Started. To learn more about what is introduced with the latest version update, take a look at our Release Notes. The User Guide is split into two sections: Introducing the Interface contains essential information about the functionalities of GUI components. Starting with the Basics delivers an introduction on how to complete key tasks.

Understanding Text Styles

Throughout this knowledge base you will encounter three special text styles :

Important information is highlighted using this blue background.
Tips are formatted in this green color scheme.
Warnings are emphasized in this red style.

The notation for Main Menu items includes the complete menu hierarchy, e.g. File > Import > Import Octree.

Understanding Cross-References

There are numerous cross-references in this knowledge base helping the reader to navigate between the relevant sections of Introducing the Interface, Starting with the Basics and Video Tutorials. Typically, Introducing the Interface will provide a basic description of the functionalities while Starting with the Basics will contain more detailed information on how to complete tasks effectively. Finally, Video Tutorials visually demonstrate task-specific workflows. 

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