Keyboard Shortcuts

XPress & hold to activate the Polyline tool
VPress & hold to activate the Arc tool 
CPress & hold to activate the Cleaning tool
BPress & hold to activate the Circle tool
PPress & hold to activate the Point tool
NPress & hold to activate the Polygon tool
SHIFT + NPress & hold to activate polygon selection mode
SHIFTPress & hold to snap timeline indicator to “ticks” while dragging
INSERTToggle pivot point editing mode
MPerform curve to section fitting
FFocus on the select object
DELDelete selected: Objects in the Object List or Material in the Material Editor orKeyframe in the Camera Animation window. 
CTRL + SSave scene
CTRL + LLoad scene
CTRL + DClone selected objects
CTRL + ZUndo
CTRL + YRedo
CTRL + GCreate group
F9Activate fullscreen mode
F10Take screenshot
EscDisables the active tool or exits the fullscreen mode

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