Keyboard Shortcuts

ALTPress & hold to activate object selection on the viewport
Press & hold to activate extended object selection on the viewport
F2Edit the name of the selected item in the Object List
F5Top view onto selected objects
F6Right view onto selected objects
F7Front view onto selected objects
FFocus onto selected objects (top view)
XPress & hold to activate the Polyline tool
VPress & hold to activate the Arc tool 
CPress & hold to activate the Cleaning tool
BPress & hold to activate the Circle tool
PPress & hold to activate the Point tool
NPress & hold to activate the Polygon tool
SHIFT+NPress & hold to activate polygon selection mode
CTRL+NPress & hold to activate the Hole tool
SHIFTPress & hold to snap timeline indicator to “ticks” while dragging (Camera Animation window)
INSERTToggle pivot point editing mode
MPerform curve to section fitting
DELDelete selected: Objects in the Object List or Material in the Material Editor or Keyframe in the Camera Animation window. 
CTRL+SSave scene
CTRL+LLoad scene
CTRL+DClone selected objects
CTRL+GCreate group
F9Activate fullscreen mode
F10Take screenshot
EscDisables the active tool or exits the fullscreen mode

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