Known Issues


  • If you do not have Microsoft Redistributable Packages on your computer, they will be installed as part of the NUBIGON installation. These auxiliary installations might require a restart. If a restart is automatically initiated before the installation of all Redistributable Packages, then you can manually install them after the restart. You can find the necessary installation files under NUBIGON > resources > redist.  
  • If you are re-installing NUBIGON, the installation might temporarily come to a halt, displaying a “Not Responding” message. Please wait, the install will resume. 

Octree Generation

  • When building an octree from an E57 file, NUBIGON skips scan positions if they do not contain color (RGB) information. This may cause the octree generation process to be aborted.  
  • In certain cases, 3rd party software packages will export LAS files with 8-bit colors instead of 16-bit (as outlined in the LAS specs) resulting in colorless octrees. In these cases, re-generate the octree by checking the Force 8-bit colors box.  


  • Leica BLK360 scanners are known to occasionally produce point clouds with duplicate points. This may cause NUBIGON to crash during octree generation.  

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