Known Issues


  • If you do not have Microsoft Redistributable Packages on your computer, they will be installed as part of the NUBIGON installation. These auxiliary installations might require a restart. If a restart is automatically initiated before the installation of all Redistributable Packages, then you can manually install them after the restart. You can find the necessary installation files under NUBIGON > resources > redist.
  • Some antivirus software might mark NUBIGON’s installer and uninstaller as a potential threat. If you encounter any issues during the first launch, please first uninstall, then reinstall NUBIGON, and whitelist NUBIGON.exe in your anti-virus software settings before starting NUBIGON again.
  • If you have two versions of NUBIGON installed on your device, uninstalling one will disrupt our online licensing system. This will cause the other version not to start. Uninstalling both versions and reinstalling the newer version solves the problem.


  • FARO importer might order the scan positions randomly.
  • MTL files with a space in the file name are not readable.
  • Drag&drop in Object List collapses expanded items.
  • Starting a computation on an invalid octree might cause a program crash.
  • An active cross-section plane causes sections to flicker when both occupy the same plane.

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