Known Issues


  • If you do not have Microsoft Redistributable Packages on your computer, they will be installed as part of the NUBIGON installation. These auxiliary installations might require a restart. If a restart is automatically initiated before the installation of all Redistributable Packages, then you can manually install them after the restart. You can find the necessary installation files under NUBIGON > resources > redist.
  • Some antivirus software might mark NUBIGON’s installer and uninstaller as a potential threat.
  • Uninstalling an older version of NUBIGON after installing a newer version causes the installed NUBIGON not to start. Uninstalling both versions and reinstalling the newer version solves the problem.


  • FARO importer might order the scan positions randomly.
  • Successive keyframes with the same or very close camera positions have interpolation issues. The camera movement becomes erratic.
  • Add&remove keyframes in the Camera Animation window are not undoable.
  • The video-render progress bar does not vanish right away when rendering is finished or gets canceled.
  • MTL files with a space in the file name are not readable.
  • Drag&drop in Object List collapses expanded items.
  • Starting a computation on an invalid octree might cause a program crash.
  • An active cross-section plane causes sections to flicker when both occupy the same plane.

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