Lights and Shadows

This section shows how to introduce lights and shadows to your scenes.

Creating Light Sources 

NUBIGON features three types of light sources, which are available through the Main Menu under Create > Lights and as icons on the Toolbar. Click the icon to create the desired light source:

Directional Light adds a directional light source into the scene.

  Point Light adds a point light source into the scene.

  Spot Light adds a spotlight source into the scene.

Every light source in the scene is treated as a distinct object. You can simply use manipulators to move and rotate them around. For the light sources to affect your scene, activate the lighting mode by clicking the Lighting icon  on the Viewbar.

Do not forget to compute normal vectors of your octrees and point clouds. Without normal vectors, lighting will not work! For building octrees with normal vectors, see here.
A video tutorial on how to create lights is available here.

Adding Shadows

Follow the steps below so that a light source casts shadows onto your scene: 

1. Activate the lighting mode. Otherwise, shadows won’t be computed!

2. Open the Lighting Editor by selecting Windows > Lighting Editor.

3. Verify that automatic updating of shadows is disabled ( not selected).

4. Select your light source in the Object List. The parameters of the selected light source will appear in the Object Inspector. Below we show the parameters of a point light source:

5. For an enhanced shadow quality, temporarily increase cache sizes and decrease Minimum coverage under Edit > Preferences > Performance when working with octrees. See here on how to do this.

6. Choose Hard shadows or Soft shadows from the Shadow type dropdown menu.

7. Compute shadows by clicking .

8. Revert to the previous settings of cache sizes and the coverage.

Updating Shadows

It might be necessary to recompute shadows when changes to the scene are made. There are two ways to update shadows:

  1. To manually update (recompute) shadows cast from all light sources, click 
  2. To enable automatic updating of shadows affected by the changes in the scene, click .
We suggest recomputing shadows with the first approach when the scene set up has been completed.
NUBIGON scene filesdo not record the state of the lighting mode or the shadows. After re-launching NUBIGON and loading a scene,activate lighting and recompute the shadows.

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