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Creates a 3D mesh surface between two or more curves. The curves define the shape of the resulting mesh surface. You must specify at least two curves.


  • Count controls the desired number of quads of the output mesh.
  • When the Uniform constraint is enabled, loft generates uniformly-sized quads (second image below).
  • Turn on the Join corners option to join curve corners in the lofted mesh (second image below).

To start the lofting operation, select at least two curves and then press the Loft button.

TIP: Input curves for the loft must be all open or all closed. Circles can be lofted only with other circles. The loft operation combines the starting points of closed curves.
TIP: Pay attention to the direction of curves. Reverse them if necessary. You can turn on Edit > Preferences > Settings > Curve direction to visualize curve directions.

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