Mesh Material

This is the default material for rendering meshes.

In NUBIGON, you can assign each mesh a material. You can view, edit and re-assign materials from Object Inspector > Material Attributes. 

The assigned material is displayed under Select Material. To assign another existing material select from the dropdown menu. To create and assign a new material, click +

  • Diffuse lets you load a texture file from your disk or choose a color. Before loading a texture file, verify that your mesh has UV coordinates.
  • Similarly, Specular lets you load a specular map or choose a highlight color.
  • A small Shininess makes for a rougher appearance, while a large value suggests a shiny surface.
  • Turn off Smooth shading to display meshes as flat-shaded surfaces. 
  • Turn on Show vertices to show mesh vertices as small squares.
  • Turn on Show wireframe to display meshes with a wireframe overlay. Wireframe thickness defines the thickness in pixels. Wireframe color lets you choose a color.

TIP: When you import an OBJ mesh file, we automatically create materials if we find the corresponding material definition file (*.mtl).

Prevent spaces in MTL file names. Otherwise, material definitions won’t be imported.

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