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The Object List nests all of the objects in the scene. The icon before the object name indicates the type of the object:

Common Actions

  • Renaming: Double-click the name of an object to change its name (Shortcut: F2).
  • Selection:
    • Left-click on an item clears the current selection and selects the new item.
    • When the Ctrl key is pressed down while left-clicking on an item, the selection state of the clicked item gets toggled.
    • When the Shift key is pressed down while left-clicking on an item, all items between the current item and the clicked item are selected.
    • Left-click on an empty space and select multiple items by dragging the mouse over them.
  • Ordering: You can drag and drop items. Objects of all types act as a parent for other items.
  • Change visibility:
    • Click the Eye icon right to an object name to toggle the visibility of the object.
    • When the visibility of an item gets changed, all child items become the same visibility state.
    • You can change the visibility of multiple selected items by toggling the Eye icon of one of the selected items.
  • Delete: Use Edit > Delete Selected or press the DEL keyboard shortcut to delete selected objects.

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