Orbit Mode

This is the default camera navigation mode. Select on the Actionbar to activate it.

Mouse Navigation

Rotate: Left-click and drag to rotate the camera around the orbit center.

Zoom: Scroll the mouse wheel to zoom in and out of the orbit center (the center of the screen is the zoom center). Zooming in will push the orbit center along the camera view direction as soon as the camera position reaches the orbit center.

Pan: Right-click and drag to move the camera parallel to the view plane.

Camera Rotation Center

There are several ways to change the location of the orbit (rotation) center.

Focus sets the orbit center to the center of the selected object(s).

Reset sets the orbit center to the center of the grid.

Align sets the orbit center to the center of a user-defined triangle in the viewport.

Set Pivot sets the orbit center to a user-defined point in the viewport.

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