Phong Illumination

This is the default material for rendering meshes.

How to Assign Material

To assign a Phong Illumination material to an object, select the object in the Object List, then go to the Rendering Options group in the Object Inspector and select a material from the Material dropdown menu.

Details on creating new materials can be found here.

Material Settings

You can edit settings either in the Material Editor or the Rendering Options group of the Object Inspector.

  • NUBIGON does not support material files (e.g. MTL) yet. Alternatively, Diffuse lets you load a texture file from your disk or choose a color. To load a texture, click the box and load a jpeg file. To discard the texture, click the x-button to the right of the box. Before loading a texture file, verify that the UV coordinates of the mesh model are available.
  • Turn off Smooth shading to show meshes as flat-shaded objects. 
  • Turn on Show vertices to display mesh vertices as small squares.
  • Turn on Wireframe to display meshes with a wireframe overlay. Wireframe thickness controls thickness in pixels. Wireframe color lets you choose a wireframe color.

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