Point Cloud Cleaning

This section shows how to clean point clouds of noise, outliers and irrelevant points.

NUBIGON does not support cleaning of octrees yet.
Make sure that the color box in Point Attributes is selected for cleaning.
It’s handy to clean scan positions imported as point cloud files into NUBIGON before building an octree from them.
You can clean multiple point clouds at the same time. Select point clouds to be cleaned in the Object List.

To activate cleaning mode, select Tools > Point Cloud > Point Cloud Cleaning, or click the Cleaning icon , or press and hold the C key. Activating cleaning mode will launch the Cleaning window.


You can select from two brush types for selecting points:

  • The 3D sphere brush is shown as a transparent sphere around the 3D point under the mouse cursor. You can change the radius of the sphere by either the Size parameter or scrolling the mouse wheel. Use this brush type for selecting points inside the sphere. To select points, press and hold the left mouse button and drag the mouse over the viewport. To finish the selection, release the left mouse button.
  • The 2D marquee brush is used to select points (also occluded points) inside a rectangle drawn by the user. To draw the marquee, position the mouse cursor where you want to place the corner of your marquee and press the left mouse button. Drag the mouse over the viewport to the opposite corner of the marquee rectangle and release the left mouse button.

Use both brush types with the right mouse button for deselection.


Click  to delete selected points.

Click  to reset the selection. This will unselect all points.

Click  to generate a point cloud object from selected points.

For a video demonstration of the cleaning tool, click here.

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