Point Cloud Rendering

This is the default material for rendering point cloud and octree models. It shows points as small fixed-size squares.

Use this material to show point clouds or octrees quickly without any processing.

How to Assign Material

To assign a Point Cloud Rendering material to an object, select the object in the Object List, then go to the Rendering Options group in the Object Inspector and select a material from the Material dropdown menu.

Read here to learn how to create a new material.

Material Settings

You can edit settings either in the Material Editor or the Rendering Options group of the Object Inspector.

  • Enable Object colorto display a model in one color, which is useful to display sections (2D point clouds created in the Cross Section window) and shaded models (see below). This option is disabled by default. Use the color dialog on the right side to choose a color when Object color is enabled. The default color is white.
  • Size controls side length of squares in pixels. The valid range is 1 to 24. The default value is 1.

How to Show a Model Shaded

With a little trick, you can display models shaded as follows:

  1. Select the model of interest in the Object List.
  2. Select Tools > Point Cloud > Normal Computation to compute normals.
  3. Turn on lighting.
  4. Assign a Point Cloud Rendering material to your model.
  5. Enable Object color in the material settings of your model.
  6. Lastly, select the default Flashlight in the Object List, and increase its range and spot angle in the Object Inspector.

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