Draw Polyline

  1. Unselect all polylines (otherwise new vertices will be added to the end of the selected polyline).
  2. Press & hold X or click on the Toolbar.
  3. Left-click to specify the first vertex of the polyline.
  4. Left-click to specify the endpoint of the first edge.
  5. Left-click to continue specifying vertices as needed.
  6. Release X, or press Esc or click to end drawing.

Prior to the drawing, optionally click on the Actionbar to create a 2D polyline on the Main Plane of the Cross Section window.

The Object List icon of a 2D polyline is .

The Object List icon of a 3D polyline is .

Modify Polyline

Click on the Toolbar to activate curve editing.

Drag Components

  • Hover over an edge or a vertex.
  • Left-click and drag.

Add Vertex

  • Select the polyline.
  • Continue with the steps (2), (5), and (6) of polyline drawing described above.

Add Vertex on Edge

  • Hover over an edge.
  • Right-click.

Delete Vertex

  • Hover over a vertex.
  • Right-click.

Close Polyline

  • Click on the Actionbar to enable snapping to curve components.
  • Left-click (and hold) the last vertex.
  • Drag and drop onto the first vertex.


  • Select two or more end-to-end touching polylines.
  • Click on the Toolbar to combine them.


  • Select the polyline.
  • Click on the Toolbar to split the polyline into a sequence of lines.


  • Select the polyline.
  • Click on the Toolbar to reverse the polyline direction.
TIP: Visualization of curve directions can be toggled through Edit > Preferences > Settings > Curve direction.

Modify Vertex Coordinates & Edge Lengths

  • Select the polyline to view its attributes in the Object Inspector.
  • Change vertex coordinates and edge lengths as needed.
TIP: Coordinates of a 2D polyline cannot be arbitrarily changed. Only changes that maintain the planarity of 2D polylines are allowed.

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