Project Manager

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Project Manager

  • Current Project prints the name of your current project
  • Click New to create a new project. The project will not be created until Accept key is pressed.
  • Click Set to select an existing project.
  • Location shows you where your current project nests.
  • Browse opens the file dialogue.

Project Folder Locations

  • Temporary files shows you where NUBIGON stores the temporary files of the current project.
  • Browse opens the file dialogue.

Default Project

When NUBIGON launches for the first time, a default project with the name NUBIGON will be created on your Documents folder.

If you are using Microsoft OneDrive as a backup for your Documents folder, NUBIGON’s default location for projects will be in OneDrive’s synced folders. Since this might cause errors while opening point clouds, make sure to create a new project on your local drive as described below.

Creating a New Project

When you open the Project Manager, only the current project is displayed. To create a new project, click the New button. The textboxes will turn active, and Current project textbox will print “New project”. You can enter another name for your project. Click the Browse button to choose another location on your computer for the new project. When you are satisfied with the name and the location, click Accept button to create the project.

Setting an Existing Project

When you open the Project Manager, only the current project is displayed. To select an existing project, click the Set button. Choose the folder of your project in the file dialogue and click Select Folder.

Changing the Temporary Files Location

To change the location of the Temporary files, click the Browse button right to the Temporary files textbox. Select a folder you want to designate as a location for temporary files and click Select Folder. The folder you select can reside anywhere on your computer.

TIP: While opening point clouds for the first time, temporary files can get as big as your point clouds. We recommend assigning your secondary drive as the location for Temporary files. This way, your main drive will have more space for your point clouds.

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