Splat Surface Material

You can use this material to represent point clouds as closed surfaces.

You can view and edit material attributes in the Object Inspector after you assign the material to an object.

  • You can select two modes from the Display dropdown menu. To render a colored point cloud, choose the Colored option. To render a point cloud in a shaded mode, choose the Shaded option. For the shaded mode to work, Has normals must be enabled.
  • Use the Shading color dialog to choose a color for the shaded mode.
  • Size controls the “closeness” of a point cloud. Avoid overly large size values.
  • Turn on Has normals to activate normal vectors for better visual quality.
  • Enable Smoothing to improve visual quality.
  • Smoothness represents the roughness of the surface. A small value makes for a rougher appearance, while a large value suggests a smooth surface.
TIP: We recommend to start with a small smoothness value, and marginally increase it until the desired smoothness is achieved. An overly large smoothness value will blend colors with the background.

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