Create Icons

 Group creates a new group object (Shortcut: Ctrl+G).

Annotation creates a new annotation. A window is prompted to enter the text of the annotation. The annotation object will be added as a child of the object currently selected in the Object List.

 Directional Light adds a new directional light source into the scene.

 Point Light adds a new point light source into the scene.

 Spot Light adds a new spotlight source into the scene.

TIP: For more on creating lights and shadows, click here.

Tools Icons

Cleaning enables the cleaning mode of point clouds (Shortcut: Press & hold C) and activates the Cleaning window.

 Cross Section activates the Cross Section window.

TIP: Further details on point-cloud cleaning can be found here.

CAD Icons 

 Curve Editing toggles the display of curve control points and the option to edit them. For more on this, click here.

 Polyline activates the polyline drawing mode (Shortcut: Press & hold X). 

Arc activates the arc drawing mode (Shortcut: Press & hold V). 

Circle activates the circle drawing mode (Shortcut: Press & hold B).

Point activates the point drawing mode (Shortcut: Press & hold P).

Join combines a sequence of end-to-end touching arcs and polylines.  

Explode divides compound curves into sub-curves, or polylines into a sequence of line segments. 

 Reverse changes the direction of curves.

Curve to Section automatically fits a selected curve to a 2D point cloud (Shortcut: M). For more on this, click here.

Mesh Icons 

 Extrude creates meshes by extruding curves along an axis. For more on this, click here

 Loft creates a 3D mesh surface between several curves. Click here for more. 

 Surface Modeling appends polygons in a semi-automatic way directly on the viewport. Here, you can find more about this.

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