Using the Material Editor

You can create new materials, change their parameters and delete materials. Materials are attached to objects to define their appearance.

Select Windows > Material Editor to toggle the display of the Material Editor.

The Material Editor looks as follows:

To create a new material, click the icon in the top-left corner of the window and choose a material type from the dropdown menu.

You will see a new material named New Material. You can double-click it to change its name.

Now you can attach the newly created material to an object. To do that, select an object in the Object List, then find Rendering Options group in the Object Inspector and select the new material from the Material dropdown menu.

To delete an existing material, select the material, and click or press the DEL keyboard shortcut.

We describe the parameters of different materials in the Materials section.
Video tutorials on how to assign materials to point clouds and octrees, and meshes are available on our YouTube Channel.

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