Manipulator Icons 

Selection disables the display of manipulators.

 Translation displays the Translation tool’s manipulator. 

Rotation displays the Rotation tool’s manipulator. 

 Scaling displays the Scaling tool’s manipulator.

TIP: For the use of manipulators, click here.

Camera Tool Icons

Set Bookmark saves the camera settings for the current session.

Show Bookmark restores the saved camera settings.

Focus moves the camera to focus on selected objects (Shortcut: F).

Align aligns the camera direction with the normal of a user-defined triangle.

Reset resets the current camera settings to default values.

Jump transports the camera to a selected location (to cover large distances). It can also be used to set the rotation center of the orbit controller.

View Icons

 Axis toggles the display of the axis indicator in the viewport.

 Grid toggles the display of the grid in the viewport.

Fullscreen changes the display mode from window to fullscreen (Shortcut: F9).

Shading Icons

 Skybox toggles the display of the skybox (distant background). 

 Lighting toggles the use of light sources added to the scene.

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