Walk Mode

Select on the Actionbar to activate it.

This navigation mode only works with digital terrain models (DTM). If you activate the Walk mode and there is no DTM in your scene, you will be prompted with the following window:


  • Left-click and drag to rotate your view
  • W to move forward
  • S to move backward
  • A to strafe left
  • D to strafe right
  • SHIFT+WASD to run

Gamepad Controller

You can use gamepad controllers (e.g., Xbox One controller) to rotate and move around in your scene. Simply plug a controller and click the gamepad icon on the Actionbar.

  • Left stick to move around (press & hold left stick to run)
  • Right stick to rotate the camera

Forbidden Areas

Activating the Walk launches the corresponding Tool window:

Simply drag & drop closed polylines into this window. Those polylines will serve as boundaries of the walkable DTM area.

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