X-Ray View

X-ray view is compatible with all color sources (point color, object color, intensity, and elevation) and color scales.

When using x-ray view, the entire depth of the dataset needs to be rendered to simulate transparency. Depending on the data size, this may require quality adjustments for the following use-cases. 

X-Ray for Viewport Rendering

To boost viewport render quality, you can edit the performance settings by increasing GPU cache and decreasing Minimum coverage under Edit > Preferences. Beware, this may slow down the viewport rendering.

X-Ray for Orthophotos

Our x-ray display is currently not optimized for generating orthophotos. Instead, we recommend generating orthophotos with our leading point cloud surface display.

If you would like to experiment with this nevertheless, follow the suggestions below:

  • Slim point-cloud facade segments are not suitable for x-ray orthophotos.
  • Increase VRAM per tile to reduce the visual tiling effect. Keep in mind that this can prolong orthophoto generation.
  • Increase X-ray size in the material attributes to fill empty pixels in high-resolution orthophotos.
  • Increase the White parameter in the material attributes to reduce over-exposure.

X-Ray for Videos 

To render videos from point clouds in x-ray mode, maximize the VRAM usage in the Render Video dialogue. This will reduce the point-loading effect and thus produce the best results.

Generating a video with increased VRAM usage renders more points than visible in the viewport. This can lead to over-exposure. You can counteract this by increasing the White parameter before video rendering.

Tips for X-Ray View

If you display a point cloud in x-ray, be mindful when opening other point clouds or meshes as this causes visibility issues.

Avoid combining clip animations and x-ray in rendered videos since this may cause frequent exposure changes.

When generating videos, a maximum of 8 GB of the dataset is rendered in each frame. Be mindful that this may cause visible boundaries between different levels of detail (see the image below) due to the characteristics of the x-ray view.

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